Moncrete offers expertise in the discipline of Cast in place concrete.

Specializing in:

  • Cast-in-place drainage structures

  • Box culverts

  • Retaining walls

  • Energy Dissipaters

  • Weir Structures

  • Parshall Flumes

  • Diversion Structures

  • Underground Vaults

  • Air/Manway & Air/Vac Vaults

  • Storm Drain Boxes

  • Wastewater Treatment Plants, Clarifiers, Water Tanks

Innovative and creative modifications to solve challenging problems can be made on site to improve functioning and effectiveness of the structures, as well as, keeping the project moving on schedule. You simply cannot do that with a pre cast product. Flexibility is one of the keys to our success. We all know that site conditions change many a plan and drawing. A reputable, seasoned concrete contractor, with years of solid, on the job experience and a long list of satisfied clients should be consulted for any concrete project.

Our Personnel Dept. hires only skilled tradesman. Our highly qualified supervisors and team members possess both exceptional job aptitude and outstanding mechanical proficiency. They know when and how to place concrete. With the support of our team, Moncrete is able to deliver the highest quality work with the least amount of issues. In today's fast paced construction industry, meeting a deadline is critical. Im proud to say that Moncrete has never missed a deadline in 16 years of business. Through close communication and monitoring, scheduling effectively distinguishes Moncrete from our competitors. Once mobilized on a project, our goal is to remove the necessity of constant oversight to allow for your attentions to be focused to other elements of the project. Our experience and expertise gives you the peace of mind to know that our structures are of the highest quality and meet all specifications. From the smallest few drainage boxes to the underground facilities tapping into 78 pipe feeding drinking water to the South end of the Salt Lake Valley, our team is dedicated to bring these qualities to your projects.


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